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windscreens windscreens windscreens Applications include: Privacy screens, semi privacy screens, shade screens, Baseball Windscreen, Tennis Windscreen, Dust Control Screens, Debris Control Screens, Transparent knits for partial shade and wind control, Pest Control Sreens, many more. All styles, with the exception of Privacy Enviro Knit Full Rolls, are available in standard and custom sizes. Non standard heights above 6' or 8' are offered with mid seams and id row grommets. Panels are laced with tape and grommets and can be fastened to an existing fence using cable ties or hog rings. Grommets are spaced 18" & 24" apart unless custom spacing is requested.
Windscreens for Privacy at Various Degrees
windscreens windscreens
Colors Available: windscreens windscreens windscreens windscreens windscreens
ECOMAX Privacy Enviro Knit Panels - OUR BEST SELLER!
More Information

  • 95% Privacy Block

This fabric in knitted for maximum privacy & Durability. Keep prying eyes away from secured and restricted areas. Limit visual acess and unwarrented intrusion. ECOMAX Privacy Enviro Knit Panels is available in 6' and 8' standard heights. Plain reinforced edges or finished. Finishes can be Hemmed or Taped and GrommetedCustom sizes available.
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windscreens windscreens
Colors Available: windscreens windscreens
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  • 98% Block Economy Woven Mesh

A cost effective alternative for 98% privacy block widely used in site privacy, residential privacy, and sports events.

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windscreens windscreens
Available closed mesh / or open mesh
Colors Available: windscreens windscreens
Signature Woven Panels
More Information

  • Closed Mesh=96% Block
  • Open Mesh=90% Block

Woven windscreen panels are perfect for golf courses, baseball fields, tennis courts, personal privacy, or protection. These windscreen panels are available in all lengths for 6' and 8' standard heights. Custom sizes are available. This high quality polypropane fabric is available in two colors: dark green and black.

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windscreens windscreens
Available closed mesh / or open mesh
Colors Available: windscreens windscreens
More Information

  • Open Mesh=60%, 70%, 85% Block
  • Closed Mesh=94% Block

i Shade fabrics are used for overhead shade on patios, small work or faculty areas, storage facilities, kennels, and more. Diversity Shade is offered in open and closed mesh styles available in a variety of colors and shade densities.
developed to simulate the sunlight patterns of rain forests, This Lath Shade fabrics have found a wide variety applications. The fabrics are made of high UV stabilized black or green polypropylene and are strong, long-lasting and resistant to abrasion. When this Lath is installed in a north to south orientation, the openings allow intermittent direct sunlight to reach plants in a "strobe" effect. The fabric is also well suited for windy applications such as privacy fencing or tennis windscreen. • Simulates rainforest light • UV stabilized polypropylene • Creates “strobe” effect • Good for windy conditions

windscreens windscreens
Colors Available: windscreens
dShade and Wind Screen
More Information

  • 80%, 95% Privacy Block

Control the sun and wind with dShade. Unsurpassed quality - The woven shade fabrics are field-proven, woven shade fabrics are designed to stand up to the elements. We use only high density polypropylene resin blended with the best UV resistant carbon black offered by current technology. Our fabrics are woven from extra-tough extruded yarns in a highly controlled process that is quality inspected at every step. The end result is a shade fabric of high tensile strength, which is able to stand up to a variety of temperature extremes. Characteristics: • UV resistant polypropylene • 30-95% shade factor • Water and air permeable • Mildew and abrasion resistant • Helps protect from wind and birds Our shade fabrics have a low shrinkage factor and high dimensional stability and are unaffected by most sprays and chemicals. All these factors combine to give you one of the most durable outdoor shade fabrics in the world
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windscreens windscreens
Colors Available: windscreens windscreens
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  • 40%, 50%, 60%, or 70% Block

Transparency Knits is a brand designed to control debris and dust. Perfect for providing a transparent barrier for countless applications. Order with or without tape edge & grommet depending on your application. This fabric is easily cut to size and cable tied onto fence posts. The knit is strong enough that it will not fray if attached without taping or grommets. Knit Shade Fabrics are available in shade factors from 26 to 79%. The monofilament yarns are made of UV resistant, high density polyethylene and/or polypropylene. The yarns give the fabric strength and flexibility, and the knitted design ensures against ripping, tearing, and fraying. Knit fabrics can be installed with ring clips or by using cable ties with or without tape and grommets. The fabrics are cleaned with a mixture of mild soap and pressurized water. Available in White, Green, Black, Sandlewood, and Brown. Characteristics: • 26-79% shade factors • UV resistant • Water permeable • Reduces wind speed • Resists rips, tears and frays
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windscreens windscreens
Colors Available: windscreens windscreens windscreens windscreens windscreens
Opaque Vinyl
More Information

  • 100% Block

Opaque Solid Vinyl and PVC Coated Meshl is offered in coated mesh and solid varieties. Opaque Vinyl provides total visual protection. These fabrics present fine appearences for screening applications like tennis court windscreens, dividers, and cafe curtains. All sizes available.
(FB-23) PVC Solid
(FB-24) 80% PVC Mesh

windscreens windscreens
Colors Available: windscreens
Debris Net

  • High Visibility
  • Available in orange only.

This net can be applied for debris containment, deer fencing, and crowd control.

windscreens windscreens
Colors Available: windscreens
Sports Net

  • Mesh: 1" or 1 ¾ "
  • Available in black only.

This net can be applied as ball barrier netting for non direct impacts.